Carefully chosen light fixtures lend a crisp look to this dining room.
In this foyer black and gold resonate with each other for a trendy look.
Neutral colors are brought to life by incorporating a mix of textures and natural materials.
A monochromatic palette of sand and stone colors was chosen to integrate the interior with breathtaking outside views.
The furniture was chosen to allow for a warm and welcoming open floor plan.
Customized steel legs modernize an antique refectory table, creating harmony with the contemporary decor.
Contemporary custom ottomans add an exotic touch to a classic interior.
In this refined living room different styles merge together unified by a harmonious palette of colors.
A contemporary chair by a French designer brings a splash of humour to this elegant living room.
The warm brass and velvety texture give this library its cozy look.
Playful shapes, textures and colors brighten the look of this intimate library.
Organic shapes and materials transform this mezzanine into a cozy lounge.
Floating pendants illuminate and energize the space without obstructing the views.
Distinctive lighting makes a statement in the bedrooms.
A variety of black and gold pendents carry unity between spaces.
A discrete lucite desk helps the funky chair stand out.
Upholstered chairs in the kitchen expand the room into an entertaining  space.
A reflective metallic table illuminates this reading corner.
A palette of cold grey mixed with warm textures creates a serene and comfortable atmosphere.
Industrial materials such as steel for the table and concrete for the floors contrast with the glossy lacquer on the cabinets.
Grey wood stain in this walk-in closet conveys a very masculine feeling.
Furniture with soft curves results in a snug yet sophisticated bedroom.
Accessories in traditional shapes made from lucite are a romantic touch to a contemporary bathroom.
Unexpected textures bring out the warmth in this very sleek bathroom.
The chair has been upholstered in blue to add character to a very monochromatic palette.
Mid-century furniture is added to spice up a traditional New England interior.
Fabrics and wall coverings are in harmony with the Asian furniture.
A contemporary ceiling lamp contrasts with the traditional Chinese dinning room.
Richly textured draperies complement an antique piece of furniture.
An unconventional material such as resin is used to customize the conference table, making a statement in a corporate space.