I think we, women, have a rare sensibility, especially when it comes to design! Watching the world celebrate the International Women’s day last March 8th, I also want to personally honor a few talented female designers. Throughout my career, I’ve been dazzled by pieces which I now realize were mostly designed by women…  so let me share some of them!

Before presenting more contemporary pieces, I want to say a few words about the “mother” of l’Art de Vivre, Charlotte Perriand. Perriand was one of the first women designers to give a modern sensitivity to everyday design. Most of her pieces are reproduced today by the Italian brand Cassina.  Everyone knows the the LC7 chair, a truly iconic design:

However, my favorite pieces might be less familiar to the public. I particularly like the 530 Gueridon:

By being such a visionary, Perriand, together with colleagues such as Florence Knoll, Eileen Gray and many others, have influenced lots of designers, men and women, in the generations that followed.

Another woman who has more recently had a tremendous impact on the design world is the Spanish born Patricia Urquiola. After studying in Madrid and Milan and having been mentored by big names such as Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti she opened her own studio in Milan in 2001. She also designed for Capellini, Cassina, B&B, and Moroso and if you ever go to Barcelona, you will recognize her work at the Mandarin Oriental. When the  luxury brand Louis Vuitton launched its line of “objets nomades,” Urquiola was added to its roster, and together they successfully presented this swing chair at the Salone del mobile Milano in 2018:

As I am writing this article, I am also preparing  some houses for the summer. I always start my outdoor furniture hunt by checking Paola Lenti’s latest designs. Another woman! This time from Italy. Her furniture and rugs are characterized by their textile innovation and designs. The brand is today synonymous with extensive research into process and materials adopted for their originality, functionality, and above all beauty! Not surprisingly, Paola Lenti won the 2020 German Design Award in the Gardening and Outdoor Living category presenting her new Oasi collection:

Now, let’s move into lighting… Do you recognize this chandelier?

There is a Lindsey Adelman creation almost everywhere you go. It is safe to say that her name has become the reference when it comes to luxurious lighting. My absolute favorite is the burst:


There are so many women I would like to honor in the design field! I will end this article with Zaha Hadid and take an architectural trip trough the world.

Let’s pretend we could embark at the Beijing Daxing International Airport:


and then visit the first skyscraper in Chicago built by a woman:

or return home and commission La Tour Design to find you one of Zaha Haddid’s iconic  liquid chairs… and maybe then I could be amongst the women designers to be honored next?