Just back from spring break and feeling the blues? It always amazes me how getting the taste of spring or summer and returning home where there is still some snow on the ground can suddenly spoil all the benefit of a vacation! It took me some years… but I finally had an epiphany:  if spring doesn’t come to Boston, I should create my own spring at home!

How about trading the blues for some green? I mean some evergreen inside your home all year round!  I was so exited to discover this amazing process that allows moss to live indoors under any conditions… and is maintenance free! Thank you Verde Profilio! This company based in Italy will ship you metal tiles filed with this pre-treated moss ready to be cut and installed to create incredible indoors wall panels.

Returning from vacation to a home with flowers is priceless! Although I always had an aversion for artificial plants, Fleuri, a newly open flower shop in Chestnut Hill, has the most amazing seasonal arrangements that look so real! Before leaving on Spring Break, I make sure I have my arrangement ready to welcome me home and make me forget the weather I am returning to.

Having several themed bed linens is another trick.  Don’t you agree that waking up in these Clematis bed linen collection from Yves Delorme gives the illusion that spring has arrived?

During a trip to Japan, I was fascinated by the use of different china according to the seasons. In March, when I visited, the food was served in plates that would be in harmony with the blooming cherry blossoms; spring was definitely in my plate! So I adopted the same philosophy of not only cooking with seasonal ingredients but also serving them in seasonal plates. I particularly like this cherry blossom pattern from Noritake:

And if none of these help… there is still time to book a ticket to see the Cherry blossom festival in Washington. So much closer than Japan and just as amazing!