I call February the “love is in the air” month! With the approach of Valentine’s Day, our computer is bombarded with adds, promotions, stories, and more, all about love… Now you might be thinking: here comes another one… Nevertheless it is true that in this climate I cannot prevent myself from throwing out there some love inspiring or inspired by love pieces!

We all know about Robert Indiana’s love sculpture, but don’t you see love in this piece by Tony Cragg?

This lamp from Atelier  Van Lieshot,  is on display at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in NY . It is called dancing lamp but I would rather name it the lovers’ lamp:


To complete the love theme, I would place it next to this Canapé Chiko from the French designer Hubert Legall:

For those who tend to lean towards pop art, I always liked this iconic Bocca loveseat from Studio 65 for Gufram:


I also find interesting that this piece is a tribute to the work of Salvador Dali. Although it was designed in 1937, the original Salvador Dali’s sofa is considered as one of the masterpieces from the 50’s and can only be found at auctions.

How appropriate when talking about love is this chair from Kenneth Cobonpue? Inspired by a delicate blossom, and named “Bloom”, it could not be more romantic:

This same manufacturer went even further, offering the Bouquet! A beautiful outdoor side table:

I hope I have inspired you to see love everyday and everywhere… Happy Valentine’s from the city of love!