The inevitable is here… time to turn on the heat! It is also when you wish you could have radiant heat rather than dealing with these ugly noisy radiators! However, if you embrace the heater, it is possible to find quite attrative solutions!

In bathrooms, I look for a statement piece!

Or a piece that is multifunctional like this one from the Italian company MG12 which serves as heater, towel warmer and mirror! Nobody will suspect it is a radiator!

Maybe you want your heat to look like a work of art?


You can find the French brand Cinier online at This company uses a special stone from the Pyrenées mountains to make their Sculptural radiator line. This stone not only allows for crafting beautiful art sculptures but it also helps diffuse a soft heat.

There are endless options for art collectors… I particularly like this Rock and Roll radiator by Karim Rashid. Shown in chrome, it also comes in a colorful stack:


What about a playful piece? I find this radiator the cutest ever! it is made of cast iron by Renata Piolunkowska for Terma Sp z.o.o. This piece called Fatty was successfully presented at the Lodz design festival in 2016 and remains a must have:

If you live in an old house and are a fan of traditional radiators, at you can find curved radiators for bay windows:

or add a twist by choosing colored radiators. The British company Stelrad radiators has a vast choice of colors and sizes:

If you were thinking of moving to a warm place to avoid turning on the heat, I hope I have convinced you that radiators aren’t so bad after all!