After moving to New England, I developed a special affection for October! Not only is the nature beautiful, but the houses dressed up for Halloween fascinate me. The decorations are so inventive! To my biggest surprise, I noticed that I was not the only one and some renowned furniture creators or manufacturers also get their inspiration from this time of the year… and the result isn’t always as spooky as Halloween!

Maarten Baas is a good example. When I saw the smokey chair he designed for Mooiii I immediately pictured it in a very contemporary setting. Its haunted house provenance look is perfect to add a whiff of humor to a sleek space.

Interestingly, Smoke was Baas’ graduation project in 2002 at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Today pieces from this line are in the collections of museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum & the Groninger Museum.

This floor lamp designed by Andrea Branzi puts a smile on my face : it makes me think of a ghost. A nice one, that I could totally take as a companion into my family room:

Another friendly creepy creature that I could live with is this console by Charles Trevelyan. Entitled “On edge”, this piece is part of Fuse, his first solo exhibition at Carpenters workshop in NYC on view until the end of October.

But my favorite of all times is this phantom  dining table designed by a team of architects at Graft for Stillwerk design gallery. The table is made of carbon fiber and it appears as a tablecloth simply suspended in the air by the energy of the people dining non it… a true phantom!


Maybe after reading this blog you will think twice before putting away some of your Halloween decorations… Feeling spooky already?