In the design world, everyone knows that August means “I am at the beach, come back in September.” It is indeed the time when all the factories in Europe are closed for the month, and no orders can be processed… so let’s get inspired by the beach boys, relax, and head to the beach with style!

When you go to the beach, if you are like me, the type of person who just carries sunscreen, a hat and a towel, check out these Turkish beach towels. I discovered them many years ago during a trip to Turkey, and I am not surprised to see that they are now a must-have everywhere! Not only are they beautiful, quick-drying, and light to carry in a bag, but they are also sand-free. In the French Riviera, it has become very trendy to wear them as a pareo or sarong and go to the beach hands-free. Additionally, most of them are made of organic cotton or bamboo, and they are very eco-friendly since they request less material than regular towels. Here are some exemples of my favorite Peshtemals, as they are called in Turkey:




If you like the look but still prefer the traditional towel feel, check these towels from Coyuchi:


If you can’t go to the beach without a chair, why not be a trend setter? In the U.S. you can now find these super comfortable and design chairs from 727 Sail Bag. They are made in France using recycled sail clothes. You even get the details of the boat they come from!


To make the beach even more comfortable, all you need now is some shade. I always thought beach umbrellas were tacky until I discovered Lovin’ Summer. Their beach tents fold in an easy to carry bag, and their prints are tasteful.


I’m off to the beach with my Peshtemal and will be back in September. Enjoy your summer!