Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I see is my reflexion in the mirror. I realize this mirror knows everything about me and has become my trusted confidant… Shouldn’t it merit a high standing in the house? This is why all my interiors have mirrors that are meticulously chosen.

I particularly like being welcomed by one when I enter a new space. The reflection of the surroundings  in the mirror makes the room feel familiar which motivates me to often place one in foyers. For that room, I deliberately choose pieces with strong personalities:

Hubert Le Gall creations have always been on the top of my list for their playful touch.



Miroirs Do and Agathe  by Hubert Le Gall




I also like Hervé van der Straeten’ s designs. He is know for working with convex mirrors, conveying a magical power to his pieces. When placed in front of windows, they defuse the outdoor light and make the space feel bigger:


Mirrors Saturnales and Lollypop by Hervé van der Straeten.

And when one single mirror is not enough, Frank Evennou offers a solution with his Volcan mirror :

Moving to the bathroom, of course everyone expects a mirror. Still, mirrors deserve a special treatment.
What about mirror tiles? In this bathroom, Ann Sacks antique mirror tiles add light, depth and luxury :

Furthermore, mirrors don’t always need to have a functional role, some of the most beautiful furniture is made with mirror. Check out this stool and this wall cabinet from Vincenzo de Cotiis:


Nevertheless, the most spectacular mirrors can be found in nature… in everyone’s home!